Tattoo FAQ

Tattooing can be a method of carving away to reveal the truth underneath and like Charon the ferryman, we help people to step into the unknown and liminal space while navigating their own personal evolution.
We hope to facilitate a safe space for transformation in our community. Where our clients leave here imbued with the energy of their tattoo as well as an amazing piece of body art. We are giving the community a space to become more of their true selves.

Due to COVID there will only be one artist and one client allowed in the tattoo area. If you have others with you, they will be allowed to visit the gallery space or in the small waiting area.

Generally there is about 30 min of prep before starting. Things such as filling out paperwork, finalizing or adjusting designs, making a stencil, setting up the tattoo area etc. This will most likely be longer due to COVID!

There is also about 30 min after to take photos, bandage your tattoo, give aftercare instructions, take payment etc.

If you have a time constraint please make that very clear to your artist before arriving for your tattoo.

If you are scheduled for a larger project please include breaks in your estimate of time. The artist and client both deserve to eat, use the bathroom, stretch their bodies etc.

Your deposit will be held until a time that you are safely through the illness and can reschedule.  Please communicate as far in advance as possible.

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival and Leah will not tattoo anyone with a reading over 100 Degrees F.

If you show up to your appointment sick, you will be not be tattooed, and your deposit will be forfeit.

Consultations are about 20 to 40 minutes and are free!

They are not mandatory, but are recommended if work is needed on a design, for client  comfort, or to meet the artist. This is time for the client to express what  they would like, and impart any important information to your artist about comfort, meaning, and specific needs or thoughts. Leah offers Reiki, guided meditation, and space for spiritual practice if the client is interested, and is happy to discuss this practice during the consultation.

A consultation usually includes conversation about availability, images and  references and deposit.

Deposits work as a placeholder to guarantee your appointment date and are required to secure your appointment. All appointments require deposits.

Deposits are a minimum of $60 and are non refundable. Deposits may be transferable if rescheduling with advance notice; they are generally forfeit if you reschedule less than 48 hours before the appointment date. Deposits are included in the total cost of a tattoo and are subtracted from the last session.

Deposit may be forfeited for the following reasons:
• No call/No show.
• Showing up more than 1 hour late with no communication
• Canceling within 48 hours of your appointment (case by case basis)
• Deciding not to get tattooed after making an appointment
• Showing signs of intoxication
• Disruptive or rude behavior

​The deposit covers a fraction of the time and emotional labor spent consulting, drawing and preparing as well as the time reserved in the schedule that was declined to others. It is still non-refundable if the client decides not to go through with the tattoo.

If you need to reschedule please do so within a few days of your cancellation. Deposits expire completely after 3 months of no dialogue. As long as you keep in touch or are attending appointments this does not apply to you. Life happens and we understand, but we cannot hang on to deposits or reference material if you disappear for a long time!

The shop minimum is $60
A $60 tattoo is roughly 2×2 inches or less across,
and in one color. Examples include names, dates, simple symbols that
involve no prep time on behalf of the artist.
Smaller projects will be priced per piece.

For larger projects an estimate will be made based on the consultation.
My hourly rate is $140. I tend to book whole day or half day slots with people (unless it’s a significantly smaller project). Half day is 560$ and a whole day is $1120. If you have a particular budget you’d like to work with let me know and we can design accordingly!

The time begins when you arrive and ends when you leave.
Design time, breaks, lunch, bathroom break, smoke break etc are all time spent in the care of your artist with their full attention.
The emotional labor of tattooing is often just as intensive as the physical act of tattooing so please understand that we are working for you the whole time you are here.

I prefer cash!
I can also accept all credit and debit cards (with small user fee)
and use Venmo (@leahcaldieri)

Yes, it’s customary to tip your artist if you’re happy with your tattoo, or felt you got extra attention. A good tip is 15-20% of the total cost of your tattoo including deposit, similar to what you might leave in a restaurant, but any token of gratitude is appreciated so feel free to get creative!

For tattoos that were originally executed here at Charon Arts touch ups are free unless the tattoo is located on the hands or feet. Please be sure to wait at least 1 month to let your tattoo heal fully before emailing to schedule your touch-up.
Tips and forms of gratuity are always appreciated.
I am also happy to help you revisit tattoos done elsewhere that needs some revitalizing, however I charge regular rates for this work.

My design process is usually a combination of stencil and free hand. I create a “map” of what the image will be and how it will fall on the body. The image you receive will be somewhere between a very rough sketch and a semi-finished drawing.

The purpose is to hash out where elements will be placed and how they will interact with musculature or other pre existing tattoos. There may be unfinished looking lines or vague ideas of the shapes and elements of the
tattoo in the map. This is normal and not a sign of unfinished work but rather a set of directions that are the subject of a conversation between artist and client. It is easier to make changes and adjustments to a drawing that is less “finished” and provides a more inclusive experience of the editing process and the final image that is to be tattooed.
I often send a rough draft to clients about a week before their tattoo appointment to determine what elements are feeling good and what need to be changed. The image is a layout for the specificities that we determine together.

Please bring a beverage and snacks! Something sugary is good in case of a drop in blood sugar. You are also welcome to bring comfy things like your favorite blanket or pillow 🙂

There is space here for sentimental items as well, if you have things that will add to your tattoo experience, they are welcome!

If you are under 21 please bring an ID so we can verify your age.

Please wear appropriate clothing that allows easy access to the part of your body getting tattooed. Layers are also good as rapid body temperature change is common.

Please eat a good breakfast or meal before you arrive!
Do not show up on an empty stomach.

Please shower immediatly before your appointment to help with COVID control. It is also polite to your artist who will be in close proximity for hours at a time

Drink a LOT of water. Hydrated bodies and skin will heal the best. It is great to start a day before and continue a day or so after.

If you have a lot of hair in the area where you are getting tattooed please shave before arriving. This will give the skin a chance to calm down before getting tattooed.

It is illegal to be intoxicated while getting a tattoo, in addition, alcohol is a blood thinner and will cause you to bleed a lot more as well as decreasing your pain tolerance. Please do not drink the day before or the day of your tattoo, save the beer for after you’re done!
Marijuana products are now legal in Massachusetts and can help manage pain or anxiety and can be used within reason. If you have a perscription for pain killers, that is up to you, however please check to make sure they are not blood thinners!!

On occasion someone will have an allergy to a certain color of tattoo ink. In the case of an allergy one may experience more redness or itchyness during the healing period. This will usually resolve itself once the healing is finished.

It is also possible for the body to push a certain color out of the skin. In this case a second try might help, or switching hue or brand. Sometimes different brands of the same color will react differently.

If you have a lot of allergies a small spot test can be useful before getting a large tattoo.

We also use handmade organic vegan products that contain ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil, hemp oil, comfry, arnica, etc.

Please make me aware of known allergens so we can find a subsitute.

The brands of tattoo ink used all state on their websites that they ARE vegan.
The largest two brands are Eternal and Intenze if you’d like to check out their websites.

Other products that we use (such as the following) have stated on their websites that they are vegan:

  • SecondSkin Aftercare Bandages
  • Stencil Stuff Stencil Adhesive
  • Dr. Bronner’s Soap (Lavendar)
  • Spirit Stencil Transfer Paper

Yes. However, it varies greatly between different people and locations on the body. Every individual is different and there is no way to predict how getting a certain tattoo will feel to you. Being well rested and well fed, as well as going into the tattoo with a calm, positive state of mind can be very helpful. I will make the process as comfortable as possible, but for those who know they are extra sensitive, ask about booking multiple short sessions to complete the tattoo rather than one or two long ones. I can also advise on specialized numbing products if this is something you are interested in trying.

No. Sorry.
It is illegal in the state of Massachusetts to tattoo minors even with parental consent.

“To the ancients aesthetics art was not only the science of beauty, but that discipline whereby each individual in his quest for truth might elevate his own level of functioning so as to become luminous with the reflected light of Universal Beauty, and ultimately identical therewith…”
Manly Hall