Terms and Conditions

Charon Arts Waiver

By accepting these terms below you (the client) specifically acknowledge that you  have been advised of the conditions set forth and you agree as follows:

Tattoo Consent, Release and Waiver of All Claims

  • You understand that a tattoo is created by injecting ink into the dermis (skin) using pre-sterilized single use needles, puncturing the skin at a high cycle rate.
  • You acknowledge that you are not pregnant
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and voluntarily agree to be tattooed by the artist.
  • You acknowledge that it is not reasonably possible for the representatives of Charon Arts to determine whether you may have an allergic reaction to the inks, ointments, and adhesives, and agree to accept the risk that such a reaction is possible.
  • You acknowledge that an infection is a possible result from obtaining a tattoo if you do not properly care for the tattoo.  You also understand that some of the complications arising from a tattoo can include bruising, scarring, bleeding, skin or blood infection, allergic reaction to inks, and nerve and tissue damage.
  • You acknowledge that this tattoo is not a perfect copy of the given image. You are aware of the tattoo artists abilities and have seen their portfolios and accept their chosen style.
  • You acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity to ask all questions necessary about the tattoo design and process and they have been answered to your satisfaction.
  • You acknowledge receipt of written aftercare instructions (below) advising you as to the proper care of your tattoo, and recognize the necessity of following those instructions.
  • You acknowledge that a tattoo is a permanent change to your appearance and that no representations have been made to you as to the ability to later change or remove the tattoo, and also understand that if attempts are made to remove such tattoo, that the tattoo may not be completely removed and that scarring may occur.
  • You acknowledge that obtaining that tattoo is your choice alone, and consent to the application of this tattoo and any actions or conduct of the representatives of Charon Arts reasonably necessary to perform the tattooing procedure.
  • You agree to release and forever discharge and hold harmless Charon Arts and its agents, officers, and employees from any and all claims, damages, or legal actions arising from or connected in any way to the tattoo or procedures and conduct used to apply your tattoo.
  • You acknowledge that you have read the entirety of this form provided by Charon Arts.

Medical Conditions to be aware of:

  1. Mitral valve prolapse and other heart valve abnormalities – Persons with these conditions might be advised to receive antibiotics by the client’s health care provider prior to receiving a tattoo.
  2. Herpes – Persons with a history of herpes are at increased risk of a recurrence of herpes in that area.  Antiviral medication taken before and after the procedure can reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.
  3. Allergies to latex – Persons with allergies to latex can react gloves. Allergic reactions vary in severity, but can be severe and life-threatening.
  4. Allergies to antibiotics – Persons with allergies to antibiotics can react to antibiotic ointment applied to the skin.  Allergic reactions vary in severity, but can be severe and life-threatening.
  5. Diabetes – Persons with diabetes, especially those who must take insulin, impaired healing.  They should be cleared by a physician before having the procedure.
  6. Hemophilia, other bleeding disorders, and use of anticoagulant medications – Persons with these conditions can bleed excessively during and after the procedure.
  7. Medications – Blood thinners (Coumadin, Warfarin, and aspirin) affect bleeding.
  8. Autoimmune disorders – Persons with these disorders might have impaired healing. They should be cleared by a physician before receiving a tattoo
  9. Pregnancy – Trauma to the fetus can occur during tattooing

Please make us aware of any medical conditions and/or medications you have / use in the purchase notes for your deposit.

COVID-19 Protocol

  • By accepting these terms, you state that, to your knowledge, you have not been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, and are not contagious.
  • Currently the studio is mask optional if you are fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon arrival.
  • We are happy to wear masks upon request from the client.
  • You are allowed to bring someone with you if they are also vaccinated and boosted.
  • If you contract Covid-19, and contact me ahead of time, I will hold your deposit and we can reschedule at a safe time.
  • If you show up on the day of your appointment and show signs of illness, I will not tattoo you and your deposit will be forfeit.


Charon Arts Aftercare

You made it!  Congratulations on your new tattoo!  You are a super human and we appreciate your personal journey into body art.

It’s ok if you feel totally out of it and can’t remember any verbal instructions given by your artist because it’s all written down here!  Please stick this sheet in your bathroom/ healing room and read as many times as necessary.  🙂

  • If you are using a breathable adhesive bandage (Saniderm, Tegaderm, Secondskin etc.) it can be left on for a minimum of 24 hours or up to a maximum of 5-7 days after application.
  •  If you are using Secondskin or a comparable adhesive bandage, the longer you leave it on, the more it will heal underneath!
  •  It is normal to see a pooling of liquid under the adhesive bandage.  It may look smudged or totally obscure the tattoo, this is normal!
  • Saran wrap should only be left on for a few hours.

When you are ready to remove your bandage you should then:

  • Wash tattoo with gentle soap, using only clean hands
  • Take care to remove all traces of blood, ink, and serous fluid (clear or yellowish liquid)
  • Do not scrub the tattoo during the first two weeks
  • Always gently pat or let air dry in the first two weeks
  • When dry, apply a thin layer of ointment (Aquaphore, A&D or herbal balm)
  • Too much ointment will suffocate the skin, if you can see streaks or globs it’s too much.  If your skin begins to break out it is a sign of over moisturizing.
  • Do not rebandage the tattoo, it needs to breathe
  • Wash, dry, and moisturize your tattoo morning and night for 1-5 days after bandage removal. (If you are able to leave the bandage on for a longer period of time, it will be more healed and require less days of washing and moisturizing)

After that:

  • Your skin will form a thin membrane to protect the tattoo while it heals.  This layer peels off in flakes similar to a sunburn.  DON’T PEEL IT! (You will risk pulling ink out).  It’s normal to see colored flakes falling off.  If a hard scab forms, DON’T PICK IT! (you will pull ink out).
  • Stay out of chlorine and salt water for 2 weeks.
  • Shower normally.
  • Do not submerge the tattoo in any water for more than 5-10 min for the first two weeks.  Prolonged soaking can loosen/draw out ink.
  • KEEP YOUR NEW TATTOO OUT OF THE SUN! A sunburn on a new tattoo can dry it out, cause blistering or terrible scabs, cause fading, promote scarring and generally take longer to heal.
  • Don’t use sunscreen/sunblock until AFTER it’s totally healed.
  • When your tattoo is healed and you get a tan, colors such as white, pink, yellow and orange may not show up as brightly because the darkened skin is covering the layer where the tattoo exists.  Excessive exposure to sunlight over time will cause your tattoo to fade no matter what colors are used.
  • We do not recommend the use of medicated ointment unless there are signs of infection.  In this case small amounts of Neosporin or Bacitracin can be used topically.
  • Adhesive bandages sometimes have the side effect of causing redness or rash on skin surrounding the tattoo.  This will not harm your tattoo but it is recommended to remove the bandage if irritation is occurring underneath.
  • It is normal for a healing tattoo to itch as it flakes and hair is regrowing. DO NOT SCRATCH IT!  To relieve itching an open hand slap is recommended 🙂

If you are concerned that something may be wrong in the healing process, typical tattoo infection symptoms may include:

  • Inflammation: prolonged red coloration around the tattoo that gets worse over the course of 48 hours.
  • Swelling: if initial swelling is excessive or spreads over time.
  • Fever: Ranging from mild to sever and should be treated immediately, one might also experience muscle aches, and general weakness.
  • Pain: If the initial pain doesn’t begin to fade after 48 hours, or increases.
  • Discharge: If the discharge becomes yellow or green pus.
  • Foul Odor: Anaerobic or “bad” bacteria emit a foul smell, go to a doctor immediately.
  • Red Streaks: Streaks radiating from the tattoo can be a sign of blood poisoning, this can be FATAL if untreated.

Following care instructions will minimize the risk of infection, but if signs or symptoms occur, contact your health provider!