Offerings and Process

Leah asks all potential clients to please use her Tattoo Application to spark the artistic process. Once she receives your application, she will contact you with questions and go over your booking options.

Energetic Offerings

I offer Reiki and meditation to create a relaxed, intentional space where my client can feel confident and cared for. Alters and ceremony are welcome. Please voice your needs and wants for the energetic portion of your tattoo experience! (I do not charge a fee for these offerings)

Visual Design

My design process is usually a combination of stencil and free hand. I create a “map” of what the image will be and how it will fall on the body.

The map is a rough draft of where the elements will be placed and how they will interact with musculature or other pre existing tattoos. There may be unfinished looking lines or vague ideas of the shapes/elements of the tattoo. This draft is the subject of a conversation between artist and client.

I often send the rough draft to clients a few days before their tattoo appointment to determine what elements are feeling good and what need to be changed. We can then make changes and adjustments to the drawing in a collaborative editing process both via email and in person.

Deposit and Pricing

Deposits are a minimum of $100 and are non refundable.
A deposit is required for every appointment. It is NON REFUNDABLE. When sending a deposit the easiest method is Venmo (@leahcaldieri). If this is not possible we can discuss other options.

At the time of the appointment cash is preferred but I can take Venmo or credit card as well.

My hourly rate is $200. I tend to book whole day or half day slots with people (unless it’s a significantly smaller project). Half day is $800 and a whole day is $1200. If you have a particular budget you’d like to work with let me know and we can design accordingly.

Please see FAQ section of the website for more information about deposits and payment!