About Leah Caldieri

Leah is a certified Reiki Master and has a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Vermont 2008 She apprenticed at Washburn Tattoo under Bruce Washburn and has been tattooing since 2011.

The connection to the esoteric is what drives me to create. As an artist, I am interested in the emotional quality of art, the response it elicits from viewers, and, in the case of body art, the person who it is a part of.

Images that embody intuition and emotion, lines that are free flowing and serendipitous, often taking the form of abstract design, I strive to create tattoos that move across the physical body but also through the individual’s world experiences. This type of art has the ability to shift and grow as the landscape of life changes.

As a queer female tattoo artist and business owner, the male dominated industry of tattooing created a box in which I did not fit. I recognized potential for a much deeper experience then the one that I was being sold, and set out to create my own intentional space. My inclusive attitude provides safe space for growth and emotion. I often collaborate with clients’ ideas and artwork, as we create a piece that reflects the soul of their journey.

Inspired by Alex Grey’s ‘The Mission of Art’, I knew early on that magic and ritual was the root of my inspiration. I created Charon Arts named after the ferryman, where I am acting as guide for ritual body transformation.