Leah Caldieri

Leah Caldieri

Leah is a certified Reiki Master and attuned to the Holy Fire, she has a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Vermont 2008 and she apprenticed at Washburn Tattoo under Bruce Washburn And has now been tattooing for 10 years.

As an artist, I am interested in the emotional quality of art, the response it elicits from viewers, and, in the case of body art, the person who it is a part of. It has always been my goal to create art that resonates on a deep level. Tattoos that feel like they have always been a part of the client, and have been revealed through our work together.

The connection to the esoteric is what drives me to create. Images that embody intuition and emotion; lines that are free flowing and serendipitous. Recently that has taken the form of abstract design. I strive to create tattoos that move across the physical body but also through the individual’s world experiences. This type of art has the ability to shift and grow as the landscape of life changes.

As a female tattoo artist and business owner I realized that the male dominated industry of tattooing had created a box in which I did not fit. I immediately knew there was potential for a much deeper experience then the one that I was being sold and set out to create my own intentional space. I received some very blunt feedback from a traditionally minded male artist, that my new age approach wouldn’t draw enough clientele to be successful. That was not the case. As more clients entered my studio and were introduced to an inclusive attitude, providing space for growth and emotional upwelling, more people realized this was the experience they didn’t know they could ask for. In this way, collaborating with clients’ ideas and artwork, we create a piece that reflects the soul of their journey.

Inspired by Alex Grey’s ‘The Mission of Art’, I knew early on that magic and ritual was the root of my inspiration and so created Charon Arts as a sacred and safe space for people to allow their truths to peek out.

You can’t force words.
Can’t coerce them to flow out of early morning mist in autumn.
Cannot trust that a chipmunk’s tail will bring you to them.
Words do not gather on branches to pool upon leaves and drop, showering the earth in a staccato of sound.
Words can’t be forced, and yet they fill our minds.
Holding definition for all that exists, without.
Words force perspective.

You are enveloped in mist, as the world softens and objects both near and far become obscured, shadowed silhouettes of their former selves.
You trust in object permanence,
a concept we all learn young out of necessity to escape the fear of loss.

You are enveloped in mist, a cloud setting itself to rest within the crevice of a valley.
Breathe in deep, the moist air soothing
changing you from within.
Allow, expand, shift
Free your shape,
unfold your veil like fins and swim up through the air, dancing.

You are enveloped in mist, a threshold
On the precipice to dreams, to the unknown, to other, to within
A threshold
A moment in time stretched thin
You are here
Solid, and then not
Breathing, and then not
Defined, and then not

by Anya Arthen

Energetic Offerings

Energy work in the form of guided meditation, or Reiki are tools used to create a relaxed, intentional space where the client can feel cared for and confident in their choices concerning their body art. This is a safe and sacred space where altars are built, and ceremony is held. Please voice your needs and wants for the energetic portion of your tattoo experience ! (I do not charge a fee for these offerings)

Visual Design

My design process is usually a combination of stencil and free hand. I create a “map” of what the image will be and how it will fall on the body. The image you receive will be somewhere between a very rough sketch and a semi-finished drawing.

The purpose is to hash out where elements will be placed and how they will interact with musculature or other pre existing tattoos. There may be unfinished looking lines or vague ideas of the shapes and elements of the tattoo in the map. This is normal and not a sign of unfinished work but rather a set of directions that are the subject of a conversation between artist and client. It is easier to make changes and adjustments to a drawing that is less “finished” and provides a more inclusive experience of the editing process.

I often send a rough draft to clients about a week before their tattoo appointment to determine what elements are feeling good and what need to be changed. The image is a layout for the specificities that we determine together.

Deposit and Pricing

A deposit is required for every appointment.  It is NON REFUNDABLE. When sending a deposit the easiest method is Venmo (@leahcaldieri) .   If this is not possible we can discuss other options.

At the time of the appointment cash is preferred but I can take Venmo or credit card as well.

Please see FAQ section of the website for more information about deposits and payment!

My hourly rate is $200. I tend to book whole day or half day slots with people (unless it’s a significantly smaller project).  Half day is $800 and a whole day is $1200.  If you have a particular budget you’d like to work with let me know and we can design accordingly.

Tattoo Stories


For other questions please see the FAQ  page on the website and we can get working on your amazing body art. I am greatly honored to be in the business of helping your body match your soul, and finding windows where truth can peak out.

Yours Truly,