Martin Clark Bridge

Martin is proudly carrying his family tradition forth as he lives, creates and teaches in the hills of Western Massachusetts. His work spans a wide range of media from Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Theater Design and Site Specific Installations to Performance.

One of the most central themes to Martin’s work is an exploration of the natural world and our place as humans in relation to the web of life that we are a part of. His work bridges realms of science and mysticism in an effort to challenge the cultural paradigms that dictate how we relate to both the natural world as well as our brothers and sisters. As an avid Permaculture designer he strives to create work that improves his own awareness of how he relates to the natural world and invites viewers to contemplate how to live in better balance with the world around us. His Permaculture works have been shared in international publications and educational material. Through his work he hopes to inspire and cultivate a greater sense of mystery and possibility in our experience of the world.

Artist Statement

From the very beginning of my life Art has been one of the most central and important aspects of my being. As my twin brother Carl and I were raised by an artist and teacher, George Leighton Bridge III, we were exposed to a wide range of media with which to explore and create. Museums and Galleries were always frequent family destinations. In my father’s early life he was inspired by the work of his Uncle, Master Sculptor Clark Battle Fitz-Gerald and apprenticed to him for some time. Clark’s son, Stephen Fitz-Gerald, has also followed in his father’s footsteps as he lives and works in Santa Rosa Ca. I feel blessed to have had such a deep immersion in the arts and to have many family members from which to learn and draw inspiration from.


An important influence and element of my work is my spiritual path as an animist. The fascination and reverence I hold for the spirits of the natural world directs most of my work. I also hold a Universalist mentality in seeking out the truths in different religions and mystery traditions. As I greatly revere the wonder and mystery inherent in the natural world, intentionally exploring my relationship with it is a huge part of my life. Our culture’s relationship, or lack thereof, with nature is an important part of my work. Issues concerning sustainability have lead me to study and implement elements of Permaculture Design and has inspired a great deal of my work.

Many of my works strive to honor small but critical elements of our ecosystem that are often overlooked. The creation of these works for me become a meditation on complex dynamics and how I both affect and am affected by them. One of my greatest hopes as an artist is to inspire others to help mend the sacred covenant between mankind and the web of life on earth, which gives and sustains our lives. It is that desire that drives me to try and create palpable connections between my artwork and the environment around me as I try to achieve a better balance in how I live.